January 17, 2020

DHH tweeted about us

Fabrizio Rinaldi @linuz90

For Mailbrew, we've decided to have a private beta for a few months instead of soft launching right away.

This meant we've been high-touch with our users, onboarding many of them manually, one-by-one.

But private beta also means you really want to get the word out, and instead things stay a little quiet.

Well, you might imagine our surprise when, after trying Mailbrew for a couple of weeks, Ruby on Rails creator and Basecamp founder David Heinemeier Hansson decided to tweet about it.

It was a great surprise and felt like an important validation of our product, and we're more excited than ever to get closer to shipping it to the public.

Thanks David!

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    Not going to lie I didn't know who DHH was. I ended up looking him up. He created Ruby on Rails, and drives race cars?? Wow! That guy is living life to his absolute fullest.

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      Make sure to follow on twitter, he is legendary.

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      The book he wrote with Jason Fried (co-founder of 37signals) is fantastic. It's called "REWORK".

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    Thats great, were you aware before the tweet that he was beta testing the app?

    Good luck with Mailbrew it does look pretty useful.

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      Thanks! Yeah I reached out to him via email and he was so kind to answer and jump on the beta program. He also wrote to us multiple times with feedback, he's the man.

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        Nice, good contact to have.

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    That's awesome! What did this mean in terms of # visits?

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      Yeah! 1.4k visits on the site, 400+ new sign ups to try the beta.

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        Well now make it 401+ ;)

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    This is very good, nothing can be better than this

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    That is awesome. Congrats

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    I love this idea. Being able to create my own curated newsletters for myself is awesome. will check it out

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    That's amazing. The website looks great as well! 👏

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    Yes! I saw that tweet and got curious about Mailbrew :). Congratulations!!

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    Awesome man! Just requested access, look forward to checking it out 😊

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    Not something I would use personally but I still think this is a really neat product idea. Best of luck!

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    Congratulations guys! 😀

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    Really cool idea. Love the landing page. Out of curiosity, how are you guys thinking about monetizing?

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      Thanks! It’s going to be subscriptions based, with different plans based on what you need, ranging from $5 to $15 per month. For example a higher plan might give you more schedules, source (like Twitter) and other features.

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    WoW, this would definitively make my day, what !? no, my year :)

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    Just discovered this for the first time. Very promising concept. Would love to try it out.

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      Thanks! Send me your email address via DM on Twitter or via email: [email protected]