October 17, 2019

+40K users on Mailmeteor

Corentin @Frenchcooc

About a month ago, I reported here that we reached 25K users. That was already quite an impressive milestone! Well, 40 days later, we are now at 42K users (+17K 😱)

We are a team of two behind that project; @Cuireuncroco and myself. That’s a lot of pressure on us to deal with such amount of users.

We did our best to automate the support. Including using Google Apps scripts to send emails, like « Welcome onboard » and « Thanks for purchasing ». These scripts are integrated right into our inbox, so we can very easily schedule them, change the content, filter the segment that receives them, and so on.

One other thing that reduces the time allowed to support is that we set ourself a mantra: try to do the as low features as possible. It’s quite common to have users complaining about a missing feature. Well we definitely don’t rush to code it.

We are focusing on providing the best mail merge experience possible, and that’s totally fine if others provide more features than we do (as long as we’re providing the best experience ever).

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    As a fellow G Suite developer I must say that your app is impressive in all ways one can look at it: the avoidance of restricted scopes, the level of privacy, the number of 5 star ratings and now the number of users you are adding on a daily basis.
    Congratulations! I can see you reaching millions of users in a short time.

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      Thanks a lot! We gonna need lots of help if ever we reach that numbers one day.

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        There are 2 things you can do ahead of time:

        1. Setup a forum where your users can help each other.
        2. Copy the likes of Uber, Whatsapp or even Google... they have support pages full or articles that try to answer all possible questions and it's nearly impossible to get them online for one-on-one help.

        The point here is to encourage self-service.

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    The hard thing is that people need to install the add-on through the GSuite Marketplace. And on that store you can’t know how people found you.

    Idea: perhaps after they install the add-on, in an onboarding step, you can list a few popular channels and ask them to select where they found you? You can also include an Other option where they can type out a few words if how they discovered you isn't on the list.

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    It's a great tool, I'm one of the 42k. ;)

    Keep it Simple (just build my feature) :P


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      Lol 😂 We are working hard to roll out attachments in a few weeks. I hope that’s the one! Anyway, thanks a lot for using us

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        Ah shucks... My request was setting the default mail alias... :)

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    Congrats Corentin!
    I would love to feature your product on https://www.joinsecret.com/ to help you grow your user base.
    It's 100% free. Interested?

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    Congratulations on the latest milestone @Frenchcooc . It's great to see you posted regular updates. Have you done any content marketing? If yes how successful have you found it to be?

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    Wow, amazing growth! Keep it up!

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    How you did the marketing ? @Frenchcooc

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    Bravo @Frenchcooc, it seems nice, it might be able to replace the Google sheets -> Sendgrid Zapier integration I created :)

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    Impressive growth in 40 days! It should be hard to handle it.
    What are your main acquisition channels now? :)

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      The hard thing is that people need to install the add-on through the GSuite Marketplace. And on that store you can’t know how people found you.

      I don’t know how you it works on the Chrome Webstore, but here Google only let’s you add your Google Analytics tracking ID. And the reports generated aren’t as useful and precise as on a website. It’s something that we really need to handle!

      With this in mind, our marketing efforts are mostly around:

      • SEO with our main website www.mailmeteor.com
      • an attractive add-on page on the marketplace,
      • posting in targeted communities on FB, Reddit, Facebook, IH, etc.
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    How are you currently marketing the addon?

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      Hey! Sorry, I’m reading your question just after Philippe’s one. See my response to Philippe just before ☝️

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    Have you been able to do the Google API verification? How much did it cost you?

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      We passed the verification, including project description, video recording and so on. But we didn’t had to pay for a code audit. We don’t use restricted scopes on Mailmeteor!

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