December 19, 2019

Live on Product Hunt

Corentin @Frenchcooc

Today is a big day! Mailmeteor is live on Product Hunt.

Some could say that we took our time to make a PH. So why now?

First, we wanted the product to be solid, totally trustable and also have a very good understanding of the usage. Our users are now sending thousands of emails per hour, so I think we achieved that.

Second, doing a PH takes a lot of time! We didn’t figure it out at first. We thought about PH in August with a target to launch end of September. But then we started to read many articles on how to make it. There were countless of actions to make before the launch. We built so many spreadsheets, with list and list of tasks and contacts. Jean (@cuireuncroco) fine tuned the whole process and also managed to record a video in motion design (which is gorgeous and took a long time to make!).

Third, we never made a PH before but always dreamed to. We feel like Mailmeteor could be a good fit for the PH community. And so far it’s doing great! But we definitely know that it might probably change. 🤞

In the end, 3 months out of schedule, we are live on PH. Does it worth the effort? I’ll tell you Tomorrow. But at least we learned a lot and, above all, I now have a screenshot proving that (for a few minutes at least) we have been product of the day 😻

PS: here’s a link to our PH page -

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    Congratulations. I hope the PH launch goes well for you. Number 1 at the moment lets hope you can keep top spot.

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      We hope as well! Thanks for your kind words

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    Well done guys, the product is really awesome.

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    Big fan of your work man! Found it on reddit a few weeks/months ago.

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    That's really nice tool man! I used to have MailTrack and Hubspot tools previously. I had to stop using them due to privacy concerns. Yours is truly standing out :)
    Good work and keep going!

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    Looks great mate! Gave it an upvote - hope it stays number 1

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    Congrats man! Nice work

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      Thanks so much!

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    Awesome work! Upvoted.

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      Thanks a lot Levi! Really appreciate it 🙏

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    Just to remember that later on, my finger hurts because of refreshing the page and contacting people all day long. Keep up the efforts! 🌠

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      You're the man @Cuireuncroco

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    This morning we'be been stuck in the nowhere land of the "Newest section". But in the end, we've made it to the featured front page. We'll have much interesting feedback to share throughout the day and tomorrow! In the meantime, we count on your upvotes 🌠

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    Congrats, everything got super nice! May I ask why you decided to build this product in the first place? No offense involved. I use and used heavily many mail merge tools and I've to say that YAMM is far ahead compared to all the others regarding ease of use, features and price which is so low that it makes it hard to beat them and still having any profits when acquiring users. Then, YAMM has such a good exposure that it's hard from a performance marketing and SEO perspective to get any visibility for your own product. Finally, there is barely a lock-in in this model, I could switch within one minute to any other tool. So, is this business model not just a race to the bottom or do I miss anything?

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      The key is that Mailmeteor is built as a muse (see Tim Ferris' concept)

      We've built Mailmeteor firstly because I was a power user of YAMM myself, concerned about privacy issues and not 100% satisfied with their UX. I did not feel at ease giving access to my inbox data to an add-on like YAMM and wanted to try building a smoother and simpler product that was solving a pain I had in my daily job as a partnership manager. At some point, it became impossible to keep close relationships with each and every partner. Hence Mailmeteor.

      The mail merge market is crowded with competitors, being in place for years. These companies have managed to create high margin business over the years, while not necessarily caring anymore about the user experience.

      In these conditions, there is a gap for an outsider like us. The ambition is not to dominate the market at all, it's likely that we will never outpace YAMM with its 4M users & 10K ratings. However, we can manage to grab a significant share of new users and existing unsatisfied users from other add-ons.

      The recipe is dead simple here: provide a better UX, at a lower cost (more generous free plan, affordable pricing) and focus on major concerns like privacy.

      It works in our muse model because we have no need to generate millions to cover costs. We don't need to raise funds, nor building a team with a huge structure cost. What I love with the muse model is that ambition is much more modest than in a startup. However, if you do your homework, there are much higher chances of achieving your expected results.
      For us, it all began with a sweet dream: be able to afford a nice restaurant or a holiday weekend with our friends every month 😇

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        This might not be your goal but I believe that you guys will best YAMM much sooner than you think... all you need is patience and a steady pace.

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        Man, thanks for the extensive reply. How does Mailmeteor does solve the privacy problem other than YAMM?

        Re your other points: yes, the market is crowded and most solutions have odd UIs but then again YAMMs way of just using Google Sheets and a mail draft in GMail is just by far the best, I tried all of them, unfortunately not yours yet and not wanting to sound arrogant but I can't imagine that your solution offers anything easier than YAMM. Btw, if you want some proper individual mail tracking on the side pair YAMM with Mailtrack. Both together are currently the best solution at the lowest price. Second best as a AIO solution would be MixMax but they are way too expensive and the product is often buggy. When it's working it's a solid experience, UI is re merges a bit too bloated.

        Finally, I guess you will def make some money with this but you will hit the ceiling very fast because of the things mentioned earlier in our convo (lacking lock-in, competition, CAC>LTV, etc.) and I just was wondering, why launching something in this over-saturated space...

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          Let us know when you have tried Mailmeteor ;-)

          I was also a power user of YAMM before launching Mailmeteor.
          It is never too late nor impossible to provide a better experience at a lower cost!

          PS: you will also notice when installing Mailmeteor that it does not require any permission to read, modify, delete your emails. Just compare the permissions with the ones requested by YAMM, you may be a bit surprised

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            but how do you get emails out from my gmail account? via imap or pop?

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              Via the gmail send API, hence via your Gmail account directly.
              You can send emails without requesting access to the actual inbox data.

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                ok but still, while the privacy risk is def smaller with your solution giving full access to an inbox like with other solutions, the PERCEIVED risk is the same i dare to say. do you think the avg joe will get that you ask for less permissions than eg YAMM. He just sees that he has to login with Google and some permissions are asked. he won't like it but he will agree because he dont get it anyway. I dont think that he will see and get that your solution is less risky. even if you ask me, i dont remember anymore the exact permissions mixmax, yamm or mailtrack asked me.

                and the big downside is, i can't use Google Sheets which is quite versatile. I guess have to use some custom grid solution for maintaining my list with mailmeteor.

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    You have my vote too! What an amazing tool...
    Following you to keep track of the progress :)

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      Thanks @Arrigo! How is it going on your side?

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        I'm at a point where I have everything ready but I have nothing ready :) The site is up, the business assets are all basically ready, the marketing strategy is coming out nicely... Now I'm taking some time to actually study advanced marketing techniques instead of throwing myself in the mix with no real purpose. But yeah, I will start with the initial marketing efforts in January, excited to see where that takes us. I sent you an email, maybe you would be interested in what's in there. Best of luck!

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    Got my vote!

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      OMG! Thanks a lot

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      Wow! Thanks Alex. What a day to be honest. It's something to launch a PH!!

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      Thanks a lot Alex! it means a lot to us :-)