December 19, 2019

Live on Product Hunt

Corentin @Frenchcooc

Today is a big day! Mailmeteor is live on Product Hunt.

Some could say that we took our time to make a PH. So why now?

First, we wanted the product to be solid, totally trustable and also have a very good understanding of the usage. Our users are now sending thousands of emails per hour, so I think we achieved that.

Second, doing a PH takes a lot of time! We didn’t figure it out at first. We thought about PH in August with a target to launch end of September. But then we started to read many articles on how to make it. There were countless of actions to make before the launch. We built so many spreadsheets, with list and list of tasks and contacts. Jean (@cuireuncroco) fine tuned the whole process and also managed to record a video in motion design (which is gorgeous and took a long time to make!).

Third, we never made a PH before but always dreamed to. We feel like Mailmeteor could be a good fit for the PH community. And so far it’s doing great! But we definitely know that it might probably change. 🤞

In the end, 3 months out of schedule, we are live on PH. Does it worth the effort? I’ll tell you Tomorrow. But at least we learned a lot and, above all, I now have a screenshot proving that (for a few minutes at least) we have been product of the day 😻

PS: here’s a link to our PH page -

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