500 paid members!

The Ness Labs paid community just crossed 500 members!

Ness Labs crosses 500 paid members

It's been a lot of fun building the community with online meetups and discussions, and matching members together for 1:1 virtual coffee chats.

Lately, members have started organising their own events on the platform. Excited for the next 500!

  1. 2

    Awesome accomplishment! Thank you for sharing the big news and for always putting out quality content.

    1. 1

      Thank you for your support!

  2. 1

    Awesome! I just signed-up for the newsletter a few days ago.

  3. 1

    Congratulations, this is a great milestone! I've been into Ness Labs more and more recently, I hope you find growing success 😄

  4. 1

    Congrats! That's awesome achievement!

  5. 1

    Amazing achievement! Well done!

  6. 1

    Amazing milestone!

  7. 1

    That's amazing, Anne-Laure! Great progress!

  8. 1

    Fantastic work. Love following your journey.

  9. 1

    Congratulations! 👏

  10. 1

    oh sweeeeet! 500. that is a lot! congrats

  11. 1

    Amazing progress, Anne-Laure! Congrats!

  12. 1

    Happy to be part of this amazing journey 🙌

    1. 1

      Thank you, Marcel! Very grateful you are part fo the community!

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