Launched Maker Mind on Product Hunt!

Last week, I discovered that there was a dedicated category for email newsletters on Product Hunt. So I decided to give it a go.

Maker Mind is now live on Product Hunt and currently sitting at #1! I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Would love any feedback/support from fellow indie hackers. Thank you very much! 🙏

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    Your story is super inspiring, Anne-Laure, from the first iteration of your company and now this. It's an exciting and super inspiring example of grit, smarts and tenacity.

    Of course, I know full well how hard you've worked to achieve this goal, because several of us have witnessed the whole process unfold. <3

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      Wow, thank you so much, Ju! You're the best <3

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      This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    Nice one Anne. I feel this success is the culmination of all the day to day stuff I've seen you do since I got to know you a little bit.

    No luck. You have a great process. Well deserved.

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      Thank you, Harry! Really appreciate it!

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    Ever since I subscribed to Maker Mind I learned a lot of things that helped me achieve my goals. I just think better. I love the PDFs I can download and share with my family as well. The diagrams allow me to understand things quickly. Thank you!!!

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      Thanks so much for your support, Fajar!

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    Congrats, upvoted! I'm launching tomorrow and nervous as heck. And subscribed, too :)

    1. 1

      Thank you so much! And good luck for your launch tomorrow! 🙌

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    threw you an upvote!

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    Good luck!

    (I'm not on Product Hunt so I can't really help in any way except wish you luck. I should probably sign up one of these days. 🙈)

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    So.. What's your next step? 😃
    Despite continuing to make quality content for subscribers, of course.
    Any channels you want to hit next or maybe some changes to the newsletter?

    1. 2

      I'll keep on writing good content and I'm currently creating a course to help people apply some of the mindful productivity principles I write about — this will be the first of several paid products I'll offer in addition to the free content!

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    nice one @anthilemoon! very cool to see a newsletter launched as a solo product 💌

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      Thank you so much, Graeme!

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    Hi Anne,

    Can you please share the results after?


    1. 1

      Thank you! And yes I will!

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    Congrats and goodluck! 🔥

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    Good luck with it :)

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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