Going full-time & raising $$ round

I've run out of reasons why I'm not full-time on http://makerpad.co - teaching people to build tools without code.

now I will be because I'm stepping back from my job at Earnest, and they're leading a small round with some other angels (announcement soon)

I'm so excited!!

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    Congrats Ben!

    I do have a question though... On your IH podcast interview it seemed like you were making good money with super high profit margins. So if you don't mind me asking, what is the reasoning behind raising money?

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      fair question!

      a few reasons:

      • I want to hire a couple of folks to help contract basis
      • helps with a buffer so I'm not killing myself month-to-month
      • I want a team of people who've done it before as mentors who are in the ring with me and have a vested interest in the success of makerpad (other than me 😊)

      I could have raised more but I chose not to. Hopefully, I barely/never have to touch it!

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        Typically, investors will demand set growth rates and a spend rate. Are you saying they gave you funding and didn't ask for any growth/spend in exchange? If so, epic win, brother.

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          This is where VC isn’t suitable for lots of bootstrappers and I highly recommend earnestcapital as an alternative

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    Nice one Ben! You seem to have an ability to end on great terms wherever you work!

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      it's easy when you love the companies you leave! cheers Harry

      we still need that catchup ;)

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    Congrats -- Have found myself recommending it to a few folks over recent months. Hope you enjoy the next stage.

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      thanks so much, make sure you use the referral program to get a nice 40% kicker :)


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    Congratulations! Excited to see what comes next at Makerpad 💪

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    All the good luck, mate! I made the jump to going full-time with SaaSHub about 1 month ago :). There were a lot of mixed feelings in the beginning related to going out of my comfort zone.

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      yeah I bet, thanks and best of luck to you too

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    Well done Ben! We are actually on the same path, we are finishing our No Code Platform, while sharing what we are doing. We are focusing in Latin America, the region I´m from. There are a lot of needs over here and this kind of tools will help for sure. I´ll be around!

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    Congratulations Ben! So pumped for you!

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    Congratulations Ben!

    This is a great step. Best of luck! :)

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    Congrats! @bentossell What an achievement!

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      thanks - and for being a makerpad member!!

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    Woohoo! Congrats, brother! Way to smack fear in the face and go for it.

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    Awesome, congrats Ben. Love makerpad.

    Me too for Rebel Book Club this month

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