August 11, 2019

2000 Twitter Followers!

Harry Dry @harrydry

Late last night the Marketing Examples twitter reached the 2000 mark! I found out cause my Dad sent me an email with the subject line, "WOW 2000 on TWITTER......GREAT JOB" and then no text in the actual email. He often writes the whole email out in the subject line.

To be honest, I've been making a deliberate effort to spend less time on Twitter. Since Product Hunt I've had a hell of a lot of notifications and for three days straight they completely hijacked my productivity.

I started craving the "quick buzz" of someone RT'ing an article, or tweet getting liked. And this came at the expense of doing any meaningful work. I'm now experimenting with Ben Grosser's Demetricator, which hides all the numbers from twitter.

In terms of how I got my last 500 followers in just 8 days:

  1. Product Hunt played a big role. I had a lot of new email sign ups and in my welcome email I suggest, "checking out the Twitter Page". I track that 209 / 1274 who opened the email clicked on the Twitter link.

  2. The remaining 300 came from people sharing my threads and other accounts tweeting about Marketing Examples. Creating something valuable is really the best marketing strategy. People are happy to shout about it.

  3. Finally it's all about creating an account that people actually want to follow. I offer value directIy on Twitter. If I was just using Twitter to farm people to my website to read the case it wouldn't work as well. They can read the thread summaries on Twitter.

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