August 29, 2019

3000 Twitter Followers

Harry Dry @harrydry

Woke up this morning to see the Marketing Examples twitter go over the 3000 mark.

It’s been a really great last month on Twitter, growing more than 1600 followers users in the last 30 days! Below I've tried to summarise what I've learnt:

Create an account people want to follow

I spend 3 days researching and writing each marketing example. And then I spend a further 1/2 hours summarising the example in a twitter thread. And that's literally all I tweet about. There's no junk tweets. No tweets about the "team day out at the zoo ... " The signal to noise ratio is 100%.

Put all your value on twitter itself ...

You’re never going to grow a Twitter account linking off to blogs. So the question for me with Marketing Examples is how do I put value in the tweets? The answers is summarise the blog in a thread. e.g. - this one about Fortnite

Why threads work so well

In a 280 character tweets it’s difficult to offer any real wisdom. It all transcends into pseudo wisdom. But, with threads you lift the character limit. And it's far easier to say something meaningful.

The % of people who follow you after reading a thread is always going to be higher than from an isolated tweet. You can earn people’s trust over a string of 8 tweets where you can’t do that in one isolated tweet.

People retweet pure crystal meth

What do I mean by this is? Well, Naval Ravikant did a famous thread, titled, How to get rich (without getting lucky):

It didn’t say How to get rich without getting lucky #startups @ elonmusk @ paulgraham look at me 50 hardcore tips

No, strip away all that. It looks like an advert. People don’t want to retweet that. People retweet pure stuff. Would Walter White cook it is the question you should ask yourself!

I keep the first tweet of each of my threads incredibly short and plain for that reason. If you're going to tag people do it further down the thread.

Create paths which link from your website to twitter

When people visit Marketing Examples, my goal is to convert as many of them as possible into twitter followers. So at the end of every case study I embed the first tweet of the twitter thread asking if they'd like to share it.

People are far more likely to retweet a tweet **they actually see **, than to use a social share button. This also continually reminds people that Marketing Examples has a twitter account that they're proud of.

Obviously you've got to tweet really great stuff

There's a line from @adamwathan on the "Art of Product Podcast" where he says "It just got to a stage where whenever people see Steve's twitter icon in the timeline, they'd stop scrolling and be like, this is going to be good ... "

He's talking about Steve Schoger who grew from 1k - 50k in < year posting incredibly high quality design tips. For example

Most people put a few seconds thought into what they tweet. Steve would put hours, days, weeks into each one. When someone goes above and beyond to such an extent, they're going to get noticed. I've been trying to get Marketing Examples to that level.

Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom of this essay. Over and Out!

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