January 5, 2020

8000 Twitter Followers

Harry Dry @harrydry

This morning the Marketing Examples Twitter account reached 8000 followers. Here's the story:

The quick tip approach

I haven't been writing so many longer articles because, well ... Christmas. So instead, my focus has been on making quick marketing tips for Twitter.

People retweeting your tweets is what gets you followers. And people like to retweet quick tips. It's pretty much that simple.

The key is consistency. Consistently on brand. Consistently high quality. Pick your area of expertise. Commit to posting 3-7 useful tips each week. Don't ask for anything in return.

Wes Bos, Ahrefs, Steve Schoger, Matthew Kobach are all masters of this approach. (linked tips) I've just copied their style and applied it to marketing. Here's an example:

alt text

Reusing the tips

When I was first making the tips I'd just post them on Twitter. I soon realised what a waste that was. Now I post them in plenty of different watering holes: Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc ...

No one likes a self promoter, so I just add my website url and twitter handle at the bottom of the image. This saves me having to say “Oh, btw, I also have this website you should check out ...” Here's a recent tip I made for Twitter but shared in dozens of Facebook groups:

alt text

When I reach around 50 marketing tips I'm going to bundle them all together and “launch” as a free eBook type thing.

Let your blog/YouTube feed your Twitter

Your tips don't have to be original. For example, I once wrote an article with 7 practical copywriting tips.

I then broke the best tips from the article into stand alone tweets. It works!

A company like MakerPad are a perfect fit. Countless no code material. Just a matter of re-packaging for Twitter.

And finally ...

People do not follow you to be advertised to. You can't force it. Consistently add value and people will check you out because they want to.

If you'd like to peruse my quick marketing tips I made a Twitter moment with them al on :)

Thanks for reading. Over and out

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