Beta Tester Ready! It's been a year (almost)

When starting Meettrics I wanted to prove that success is just "time *effort". I haven't focused on the core product as much, mainly focusing on my Olympus starter template (see other products by me).

That said, I decided to focus on the scheduling and Calendly style features of Meettrics first. At this point, everything is ready to go to start some more comprehensive testing with people I do not know.

Meettrics has the hands-down best scheduling look and experience of any platform out there. It's also half the price and doesn't come with the stupid limitations of other platforms.

If you're unhappy with the Calendly experience (or cost), reach out and I can set you up and help tailor-make the experience to your needs. I'm also looking for companies that use Calendly for marketing automation style integrations.

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    This is awkward...we've been working on Meetrics (meetrics.io) for about 2 years now as well.

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      Haha great minds think alike! Admittedly I will probably change the name soon. I already have decided it but it's a bit lower priority item until I push the product a bit further along.

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      Wow, what a coincidence. Is it only the name similar, or the products also solve the same problems?

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        Not totally sure yet, but it seems like this version is coming at it from a scheduling perspective. We're focused on meeting health and collect data through automated crawling.

        Here's the original post from one of our founders about the problem we wanted to solve at Storyblocks: https://engineering.videoblocks.com/analyzing-meeting-metrics-using-the-google-calendar-api-3c76c9f8ffea

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          It looks like a pretty similar idea in some regards but yeah, I started with getting a basic scheduling app up and running first. My current thinking is for any analytics to be useful, I want people to use the app on a more regular basis. Thus scheduling becomes the segue to more advanced metrics. That said.. I really like the scheduling part so I want to also be able to sell that as a niche standalone in the long term.

          The ideas for your metrics are pretty similar to mine and many of the same thoughts. I wanted to take a bit more robust approach than "meetings bad" or "meetings expensive". Can you find breakdowns in your communication for instance? Things like do product and development barely talk to each other, or sales are booking fewer meetings so we can expect a harder pipeline down the road to close?

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    i've been using savvycal right now... ugh. none of them are amazing.

    1. 2

      What would make them amazing?

      1. 1

        honestly, not sure.

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