January 13, 2020

Over 1000 users tried Memo

Burak Tokak @btk

After Memo App (https://usememo.com) being the 4th Product of the day on PH, and getting some coverage from blogs (especially chinese blogs for some reason). Today Memo broke 1,000 users.

Since I'm trying to make Memo free of invasive trackers like Google Analytics, here is some server data I have.

- 1,000 unique users registered
- %15 of users logged in for at least 2 different days
- On average a user started 2.6 sessions
- Retained users (at least 2 different days) started 5.4 sessions

My next goal is to introduce "Memos", which is the feature where users can create different folders or notepads and group their sheets.

If you haven't already please checkout: https://usememo.com

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