October 20, 2019

Alpha version is ready!

Raheel Ahmad @raheelahmad

After about 6 months of trial and error, deleting whole codebases and starting over, talking to friends about ideas, designing and redesigning… I felt that I was finally ready. It did what it needed to in my initial vision, performed well on the sample datasets, and didn't have any obvious bugs. I was ready to show it to other people.
But first I needed a website.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 6K MRR + huge affiliate marketing learning for you
    We hit another significant milestone this week. We reached $6,000 MRR after a little over six months of being in business. ![6k MRR BABY](https://hype
  • Trying out a monetization strategy
    Decided to give affiliate links a go for Open Startup List, now that my traffic is steady around ~700 page views p
  • Came up with the name
    Everybody knows, the most important thing about a sideproject its name. Magic Internet Points sounded jovial and simple for what I wanted to build. I
  • Problem education
    We're gearing up to launch our new version of Lowdown designed for Slack teams. Since the problem we're solving isn't something that many are necessar
  • My first ever Product Hunt launch
    Okay ... So I know this Indie Hackers. And probably not the best place to mention a Product Hunt launch. But it's a milestone all the same. Since I so