November 12, 2019

Microlink SDK v4.4: Introducing Audio support

Kiko Beats @kikobeats

Microlink SDK v4.4.0 was released, introducing a bunch of functionalities for turning any link into a beautiful preview.

This release has been focused on improving the media player experience when the target URL has video or audio content.

Jumping into the details, the improvements have been:

Audio support

Although Microlink API was offering audio detection previously, this detection has been improved to ensure to cover most of the popular audio providers on the web, including podcasting.

You can see some of the tested services in our storybook.

Media preview

The media player has been extended to include some common and useful functionalities as buttons:

  • rewind/forward
  • mute/unmute
  • playback rate adjustment

These functionalities make the media experience closer to the experience offered by mobile applications, brought on the web.

Finally, controls are exposed in a way they can customize based on the user case necessities.

Extensive documentation

Last but not least, our documentation site has been revisited, ensuring all examples and code snippets are complete, creating new examples and demos, making possible bring Microlink to any website.

That also includes react and vanilla templates at CodeSandbox for instant playing with the UI component.

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