June 12, 2019

15,000 Followers on LinkedIn

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

LinkedIn has done us well over the years, it can be a huge pain too, but overall for us the pain is worth it.

In the early days I started a group, this ended up driving many members to our online forum. The group still exists, at around 35k members. The discussions are not useful at all and we end up just deleting 95% of the as 'marketing spam'. Annoying.

We've been more consistent in the past year or two with our LinkedIn page. Mostly we use it the same way we use Twitter.

  • We post open ended questions, these are great for engagement and usually end up driving 30-100 responses. Often we will post links into the comments a few days after the original post.
  • Link to our discussions, resources and events.
  • We tag people in where relevant, especially for our events.

We currently stand at 15k followers on our LinkedIn page.

It drives traffic and engagement at the moment, not sure how long that will last, but we'll keep doing it. Anywhere between 100 - 2000 clicks on the posts.

LinkedIn page for reference: https://www.linkedin.com/company/280998/

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