March 13, 2020

Cancelled our 2nd Conference

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Oh what crazy times we are in.

Earlier this week we cancelled our first conference (TestBash Detroit) due to coronavirus impact..

Then today we announced the decision to cancel TestBash Brighton. This one is a specifically hard one for the team. It is our biggest and longest running conference.

We have another conference in May in the Netherlands that is at risk too. 3rd time unlucky perhaps. 😭

The financial impacts are pretty devastating. The stress on the team is super hard too. Turns out it takes a lot of effort to cancel a conference that is due to happen in 2 weeks.

We remain optimistic for the future. We have a strong and supportive community behind us.

We're pretty well placed to do more stuff online, we've meant to do that for a long time, but we've often drowned in event organising.

Now we have no choice but to push that to happen quicker.

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