January 18, 2020

Landed a new customer

Neea @MF706

Wanted to share a quick update because were are extremely excited about our progress this year!

We registered our LLC last year with two strategies in mind: one was to offer our engineering services for hire, the other was to build apps & things and to release them. The first one has a high price point, so landing sales has been challenging. The second one is a very long-term game, where it will take some time before we identify a viable niche, build the app(s) and things begin to scale.

So here is the exciting news: over this past week we landed a contract customer and hopefully will be able to collaborate on several projects (!) This is great news for our small business.

What helped us, was networking. If you are running a similar business model, then make sure you talk to people about it. You never know who might be the right connection, until you bring it up that you offer these services.

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