October 29, 2019

400 users, and our first major update!

Omar @omneity

2 weeks ago, Monitoro was live for the first time and it started attracting interested users like crazy.

Fast forward to today, where we're 400 users strong. This amount of popularity means that there was a lot of user feedback, and a lot of things to fix. And listening to user feedback we did.

This major update builds on our learnings about the difficulty of creating monitors. Among the biggest obstacles that our users encountered, finding the right CSS selectors was a common challenge.

So we shipped a brand new browser extension 🥳. It's available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Chromium Edge, and Brave using the Chrome web store. The extension makes selecting parts of a web page much easier, creating a monitor faster.

We also improved the user experience all around, squished many pesky bugs, and improved the performance overall.

Visit us already if you haven't done so yet!


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