October 25, 2020

First $5 in Revenue!!!


Out of the blue I received my first contribution on Buy Me a Coffee. I've been heads down on adding guides and improving my site design, so I haven't really paid a lot of attention to marketing my site. Now that I have 7 guides up and a design I am happy enough with, I plan on spending significantly more time on forming a marketing strategy to attract users. My traffic is extremely low as a result (10 visitors is a great day), but I was surprised to see I received a $5 contribution on Buy Me a Coffee the other week. It's not a lot of money obviously, but first time I've made any money on the internet and validation that Mossy Globe is helpful to some folks out there.

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    The feeling never goes away. I'm not big-time but we're basic cost-of-living profitable on online income. Still, I made a new website a little while ago, and last week earned my first $1.19 on it (after putting some Amazon links on) and it was still so miraculous that I sent screenshots to friends!

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    It's a significant step however small. I know someones grandad who framed the first dollar someone spent in his shop. I love the name Mossy Globe, good luck growing.

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    Congrats! That’s awesome. I remember how it felt the first time I made that amount. I use PayPal.me on my site.

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    Congrats. The first coffee is the sweetest. Gives you some sort of satisfaction that earning from a day job never gives.

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      Agreed. I spent way more than $5 on a nice dinner to celebrate the moment. Felt like I earned it haha

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    Congratulation! It's very good feeling.
    I was so surprised when I got my first €5 on buymeacoffee. And the guy even subscribed and I'm still getting the donation every month.
    An amazing feeling of appreciation for your product.

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    Congratulations. I just visited Arches and Capitol Reef last week, wish I had known about your site -- bookmarked for next time!

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      Ah. Hope you got to do some of my favorite hikes/activities there at least. Both great parks that turned me into a lover of the southwest. Definitely realizing how hard it is without spending $$$ to get your website in front of people who might find it interesting.

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