Started influencers promotions.

We reached out to some smaller influencers to ask if they wanted to do a collab through our Instagram. A lot of them loved the product and were interested in doing just that.

So a bunch of influencers published posts and stories of switching over to their first link-in-bio or switching over from Linktree.

Interestingly, some post comments noted how they'd heard about Mylinks before, but they weren't too sure about the product. Hearing testimonials from other people in their niche was the final push for converting them over.

Example: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR95Wl8BIMe/

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    Thanks for sharing, what were the results from your influencers posting? Did you see a big increase in sales or just traffic ?

    1. 1

      Not sure about the traffic part, because we were running regular ads at the same time, which dwarfed most of our other traffic.

      But we did get an increase in signups that we can attribute specifically to the influencer posts (manually associating the profile with the same niche). And also a small number of premium subscribes.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the info. You got some potential sales channels there.

        influencer -> premium subscription

        influencer -> free signups -> identify users with more than 800+ followers -> drip campaign or directly reach out to them to sell premium subscription

        current free users -> identify users with more than 800+ followers -> drip campaign or directly reach out to them to sell premium subscription

        If you find a service or script to locate influencers then you got urself a whole entire sales funnel right there from lead gen to conversion.

        If you're a bit confused I can explain further. Cheers you got this!!

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    Yea I like the idea of targeting small/micro influencers to gain traction. Could be a good way to gain it depending on the product.

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    That's great. How did you identify the influencers that you targeted? Great 'win' anyway and shows how the "social proof" of others allowed people to make the move to trying you out!

    1. 1

      Aimed for micro influencers usually in the 2-10k follower range. We picked people who were mainly in the "cozy gaming" category -- had a lot of users in that niche.

      1. 1

        Cool. Well done and keep pushing :) All the best

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    How much did you pay the influencers?

    1. 1

      We actually didn't pay, quite a few of them were already users and fans of the product. If someone was interested, for a lot of the time, followed roughly this template message for details:

      You get:
      - Free Creator Pro Subscription for 2 months
      - Highlighted Story Feature on our IG
      - Highlighted Profile on our website in the gallery section
      We get:
      - You talk about why you switched from Linktree to Mylinks
      - Make a post about Mylinks and your profile

      The product is a link-in-bio, so it does fit nicely with stuff influencers can talk about. Example: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSIBWHTnkF5/

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