December 25, 2019

Launched MyProxy to for quick and easy deployments


MyProxy is a tool to help web devs deploy their apps to their own servers quickly under their own domain names.

Making screencasts took a lot of time. Learned to write out the transcript, record audio first, then record screencast.

The day of launch was hectic but we were able to polish a lot of details.

Other than our direct team, the launch felt lonely. In hindsight, we should have been more active in getting users and beta testers. This way, launches could feel more celebratory and has a higher chance of succeeding.

Launch Report (12 hours later):
Around 200 views today, 2 extra stars on the github repo.

  1. Product Hunt: 12 points
  2. IndieHackers: 5 likes
  3. Reddit: 18 upvotes
  4. Hacker News: 18 points. Got to page 2!
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