February 28, 2020

Apple rejected my app

Dawid Cedrych @thedc

My New Year's resolution was to start my day with thinking mode instead of reactive mode (checking inbox, slack etc).

A way to build that routine has been checking Naval Ravikant quotes and content every couple of days. I thought I'd love to have an app that shows me three random quotes in the morning and nudges me towards more mindful actions, so I don't have to browse the internet for inspiration.

I browsed the App Store and didn't find anything like this, so I decided to build one myself for iOS.

The app is dead simple; it displays three random pieces of Naval's knowledge every day, and one can turn on notification to receive morning reminders.

If that helped me built better morning habits, I thought maybe I should publish it on the App Store. I gave it a bit of a design touch and submitted for revision.


Still, I had a gut feeling that it might be too rudimental in terms of features to get through the Apple review process, and I was right.

Apple Review

If anyone of you guys has an iPhone and would love to give it a shot , I can distribute the App via TestFlight (you can DM me on twitter or email [email protected]).

If it turns out, you find it useful; I'd be delighted to build in more features and push it to App Store again.

Anyone up for testing? 👋

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