July 16, 2020

Launched closed beta

Lesley Sim @lesleypizza

It's been exactly a month since we started, and we're ready to launch the closed beta of Newsletter Glue.

Following the SLC (simple, lovable, complete) principle, Newsletter Glue only does one simple thing for now:

Send posts to subscribers straight from WordPress.

This feature is free, with the goal of getting people used to the simplicity and elegance of sending newsletters straight from WordPress.

For now, we only connect to Mailchimp. But we plan to also glue to ConvertKit and MailerLite in the very near future.

After that, we plan to create a premium plugin that glues other newsletter features like memberships, referrals, forms and more.

I haven't built the website yet, so the only way to request an invitation to the closed beta is by emailing me or DM-ing me on Twitter.

Finally, I'd really appreciate a shoutout on Twitter (click this to tweet) if you're interested and would like to support this project.

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