December 11, 2019

First paying customers and company created - CHECK

Johan Eliasson @elitan

Time for a recap of what has happened since the last update a few months ago.

First paying customers

  • Stripe integration on place and working

Company created and in place in Sweden.

Blog created and posts posted at

Example project updates

Video recordings

How to get started with the example project:

From create-react-app to Hacker News MVP in 3 hours:

Improvements for Hasura Backend Plus

  • External authentication providers (Github, Google, Facebook)
  • Using access tokens to access files
  • Improved file upload handling
  • And much more

Co-founder search initiated. Looking for person with overall design and marketing skills.

General local networking in Stockholm with fellow entrepreneurs and indie hackers!

That's it a short list of things that has happened with Nhost for the last months. I'll try to write more frequently here on Indie Hackers. Hopefully people will find it both valuable and interesting.

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