January 12, 2020

Launched my "point of difference" feature.

Angus Russell @GusRuss89

Over the holidays I was in Dev mode and managed to start and finish my app's killer feature - style masks.

For some background, my app is an AI Art generator. You've probably seen others like it - Deepart.io, DeepDream and a handful of others. Until now I didn't really have a point of difference to stand out from those, but now I do.

Style masks let you use multiple style images in your creations, and clip each style to a region of the image. A typical example is to style the foreground differently to the background. Here's the best example I've made so far - https://creator.nightcafe.studio/creation/w2wukAoEwX0G4Jk0jMtU

I start a new job tomorrow and am glad I was able to get this done before my life gets a bit busier. I will be switching from Dev mode to promotion/user acquisition mode for a while now.

That's my update for now. If anyone wants to try out the Creator and give me any feedback - good or bad - I would love to hear it!

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