December 10, 2019

Reducing onboarding friction #1: Unsplash search

Angus Russell @GusRuss89

My most immediate goal for NightCafe Creator is to reduce the friction and cognitive load required to make your first creation. One of the hurdles was picking photos to use. Often people settle for an average photo from the last 20 in their camera roll. Some people might not find a good enough photo and just give up entirely.

Yesterday I finished adding an Unsplash search directly into the image picker so great photos are super easy to find. My API access hasn't been approved yet so it's limited to 50 requests per hour.

The other major hurdle right now is the requirement to sign-up via Google, Facebook or email before you can create anything. This is the next thing I'm going to tackle - reducing onboarding friction #2. My plan is to look into Firebase anonymous users. Has anyone worked with them before?

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