Week 1 : $70 revenue, 440 subs, 48k views

I actually made a thread on twitter about my progress since launching a week ago. Basically, www.buymeacoffee.com/nocsdegree is helping while I work on native ads/sponsorships from companies. I have had a newsletter sponsor already as well. https://twitter.com/noCSdegree/status/1156113417721323520

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    Congrats Pete. Perhaps try summarising some of the articles as threads on Twitter. e.g. -

    How Steph Smith learnt to code
    THREAD ...

    And then 5 - 10 summary points from her article?
    That style of thread has certainly been the trick in grow my marketing sites Twitter

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      Awesome! Good to know.

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    Nicely done! I love the whole idea behind this project :)

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      Thanks for all the coffees dude!!

      Great start to the day!

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    Great job! I like the idea, it's very inspiring stuff. Just out of curiosity, how do you select people to interview? Anyway, keep up the good work!

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      Thanks! It started off by me asking people in Telegram groups how they got started. This was before I had the website as a concept and I was just curious. So I know a couple of people already to interview and then I started approaching new people. Then when I was top of HN 30 people emailed me in one day. So sorting through those now.

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    Nice job! 👏 congrats!

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    I've never seen tipping as being scaleable. Patreon and other subscription models seem to work but tipping seems really incidental. Have considered something like this for incomedata.org, which is a high value add for a small number of people but haven't had good results.

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      Tipping isn't my only source of revenue.

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    Congratulations. I’ve been telling myself to do this for a while and reading about your journey is motivation to get started. #onward

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      Thanks! Go start :)

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    Hi. Well done.
    How have you built audience for the newsletter?
    470+ in a week??

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      I got top of Hacker News for three hours.

      You can check out the traffic here: www.nocsdegree.com/open

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    Haha, i love this app. I just signed up to give it out to a few people on IndieHackers because I've been replying to them, but I didn't connect paypal or stripe yet, because well, trust. So my account is sitting dormant until I connect both of those accounts. Which makes me want to create dummy accounts on either platform so i'm not connecting my account that has my projects/saas products in it etc

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