October 14, 2019

First time "launched" a few new big features

Eduard Metzger @eduardme

After trying paid marketing for a while (sponsored blogs especially) I decided its time to "communicate" more by sharing what's new and exciting going on in my app. Since I pump out new highly requested features about every two weeks I had some raw material to work with. I dug out my newsletter which accumulated already 4.5k+ subscribers and decided to use it. From now on monthly to announce the new features so that people see things are moving and people who are just watching the product might be inclined to purchase.

So, I announced it on Reddit (different subreddits with text I adapted for the audience), HackerNews, Product Hunt and the newsletter. I think the Newsletter and a specific Subreddit were the most effective. It was about 3 days of heads down marketing work and about $20 in expenses for the newsletter service. But I think it pays already off compared to the $1k+ sponsored newsletter with almost 0 effort on my side. It was also way more fun! Now the challenge is doing this on a regular basis.

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Today's Top Milestones
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  • First sales! WHOO!!
    A user registered 2 weeks ago just bought a subscription, without even waiting for the trial period! Honestly, it feels euphoric how far we have come
  • Big day! Big launch on Product hunt!
    After waiting for so long and number of postponements, today I released Plenary on Product hunt to get feedback from fellow startup enthusiasts. Here
  • #1 on Reddit, & Posting on Product Hunt
    Today I posted a short video preview of a small feature I added to Keyframes - it uses your device's orientation sensors to adjust the CSS box shadow.
  • 550 Users
    Today we hit 550 users and our chatroom count is now up to 62. Our team has also developed partnerships with brands in Baltimore to provide exclusive
  • Opening beta test
    We are opening beta test for Chimere Exchange! We are excited to share our App with you! At this moment Beta are limited to 10 iOS devices. https://te
  • Sent invites to first early access users
    During the last couple of weeks, we're been working on improving the signup and login process, and adding the forgot/reset password functionality. In
  • 1000 Customers
    Using only SEO I got the first 1000 customers. I learned that the conversion from visit to trial and from trial to customer are lower than I expected.
  • E16: Kyle Campbell, CTO.ai
    Kyle Campbell is a native Canadian and high school dropout growing up in Nova Scotia. He’s been working with technology since he was eight years old.
    The podcast hit 9,000 downloads. The free PDF of the podcast’s workflow may have helped https://gum.co/xczrxd Before my download numbers were starting