October 7, 2019

Created Our First Branded Swag & Released Update

M Asif Rahman @Asif

Howdy Fellow IndieHacker!

How are you all doing? Here as NotificationX we just got our hands on our First Branded Swag, came from thousands of miles far, and we are doing a giveaway under a new Ambassador Program, you could take a look here - https://notificationx.com/giveaway/

Our whole team is excited since we made molded the first prototype last month. This is a multi-connector charging cable, which is very handy, you could use both USB 2/3.0 port and USB-C port as input, it works as quick charger as well for iPhone & Android as well.

In the meantime, we also released tons of new feature, stability fix, and most excitingly new integration, specially check Tutor LMS integration, its available under free version as well - https://notificationx.com/docs/tutor-lms/

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