June 24, 2020

💬 NotificationX Now Supports WooCommerce Reviews

M Asif Rahman @Asif

Do you know WooCommerce has a native product review feature? In NotificationX our users absolutely love our unique review feature, so we decide to extend our review capacity from WordPress.org Plugin Review, Freemius, and Custom Notification to now WooCommerce Reviews as well. This 1.7.0 brings in few important bug fix, also few nice new features, its available in free, feel free to check out.

V 1.7.0 – 24/06/2020

  • Added: WooCommerce Product Review Alerts
  • Added: Dashboard Widget for Analytics
  • Added: Multiple Order Handling for Sales Notifications
  • Fixed: Images not loading for Custom Notifications
  • Fixed: Elementor Template Shortcode not rendering inside Notification Bar
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

BTW We also pushed a minor update in Pro V 1.4.13 -

  • Fixed: Critical Error with NxPro_Google_Client class not defined
  • Few minor bugfix and improvements

Full Changelog - https://notificationx.com/changelog/

How-To Use Guide for WooCommerce review - https://notificationx.com/docs/woocommerce-product-reviews/

Free Version - https://wordpress.org/plugins/notificationx/

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    Great stuff, what is your customer acquisition strategy?