November 28, 2020

Deployed the landing page MVP

Burak Karakan @karakanb

We have been trying to get the product up and going in the last few weeks, which made us realize that we don't have anything to show others about our product when we mentioned it. Given that our pricing was also not clear, we decided to build a simple landing page that would force us to answer some of these questions.

Without further ado, here's our landing page MVP:

For the tech stack, we went with the tools that we were familiar with:

  • A simple Vue & Vite skeleton.
  • TailwindCSS 2 for styling
  • PrismJS for code-highlight
  • Netlify for deployment

There are still many things to improve, but this allows us to check one more item from our tasks and keep focusing on the remaining tasks we have. The next steps for us are to finalize the API documentation, update the code samples with more details and launch the project.

If you are interested in being a beta user, please reach out to me!

Have a great weekend,

  1. 3

    It's a nice service when you just want to build quickly. Well done guys, good work.

  2. 2

    Always better to use this kind of helper services instead of building your own. Good luck!

  3. 1

    I just suggest using a pre-render tool or use something like gridsome or nuxtjs as SSR to get the source code ready for search engines, otherwise using plain vue won't be SEO-friendly.

    1. 1


      I have been thinking about pre-rendering for a while now, although I haven't had the chance to include it in the MVP. The majority of the landing page will be static anyway, therefore having the pre-rendered content available will be a great improvement there. I knew about Nuxt, but I haven't heard gridsome before, I'll definitely give it a look, thanks.

  4. 1

    Hey @karakanb congrats on the launch.

    I'd like to know your experience working with Tailwind and Netlify? Has it been easy to use? I have been hearing alot about the both and thinking about giving it a try.

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks a lot!

      I have been using Netlify for around 2 years and Tailwind for around a year now, and I really like both of them.

      Netlify makes deploying frontend projects a breeze, and it has a generous free tier. I believe I have around 10 projects deployed via Netlify, and I am not paying anything. The process is super simple: you connect your Git repo, specify your build command, and tell the output directory, and that's it. For majority of the JS projects, the command to build is npm run build and the output directory is called dist, so Netlify detects them automatically, which means I don't do anything other than connecting my Github repo.

      Tailwind is a great tool to know as well IMO, it allows having a design system from the beginning, has very nice sane defaults, and it makes building responsive pages super easy. Overall, I have much better consistency among my projects when I use Tailwind: consistent spacing, color palette, shadows, font sizes, everything. Combined with the Responsively app, I can build responsive websites considering each screen size, and Tailwind really shines there. I would strongly recommend having a look at it.

      1. 1

        Thanks Burak, for the detailed explanation. I was contemplating between Bootstrap theme and Tailwind when doing the CSS/HTML for dynamic application. Will give Tailwind a go in the next project, looks too good to not give it a try :)

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