Little hustle can go a long way

  1. Found some cash to keep me fed for a few months. It's not in the bank yet, though. The cheque is in the mail, as they say.
  2. Found 2 potential collaborators. It will take some time before there are any PRs to be merged.
  3. Scheduled 2 podcast interviews. Need to buy a decent mic.
  4. Got a ton of useful feedback from other IndieHackers. Thanks @prakis, @mzrnsh, @orliesaurus, @danp, @deependrax and many others.
  5. Had a day off yesterday. What a luxury! Feeling refreshed.

There was a lot of work done on the codebase since the last update. Most of it was on the infra side to minimize costs.

  1. 2

    Hi Max, I was looking at your project then noticed you are from Auckland too, so thought I'd say hi! I like the website/project you are doing, cool idea.

    1. 1

      Thanks Sam. Feel free to join if you are looking for something to work on.

  2. 1

    Thank you for the mention!

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