[email protected] is out!

⚡️ request-libcurl is extremely stable HTTP request NPM module built on top of libcurl with retries, timeouts and callback API

  • 🤘 HTTP/3 support by latest cURL
  • 👷 Improved errors handling
  • 👷 Improved arguments type check
  • 📋 Improved documentation and examples


  • ✨ pipeTo option — Pass response data to writableStream, for example download a file to FS


  • 👨‍💻 .pipe() method now can be used multiple times to pipe response to multiple writeable streams
  • 📦 node-libcurl upgraded to v2.3.0, was v2.2.0
  • 📦 [dev-dependency] mocha upgraded to v8.2.1, was v8.1.1


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