November 25, 2020

Weekly Update #9

Luka Labrovic @Luka051

Big news this week for the marketing team - we successfully hired and are onboarding a new content manager that will help get our content to the next level on the blog.

Also, we are migrating the blog from Netlify to Wordpress, to optimise our dev team's focus on only the app, and not needing to spend extra time on Netlify optimisations.

Additionally - we have increased our efforts in finding a new copywriter who will help with both website copy and copy inside the app.

All-in-all: Busy, busy, busy couple of weeks! Even though things are intense now, we are also quite aware that they are probably still the calmest weeks we'll experience - it only gets better ;)

In the usual, 100% transparent fashion, here's the update:

⚙️ We are continuing to work on the community features inside the app.

⚙️ We are brainstorming and researching the potential new gamification system for the community and will update once we get to clear conclusions and direction

⚙️ We have decided to migrate the website from Netlify to Wordpress, to reduce the development time needed to sustain it. This week we are finalising this process

🚀We had an administrative error and currently we have 80 registered users (corrected amount from the previous 86). We are looking into this issue and trying to get to the bottom of it. Our latest guess is that the filtering system in Notion-fueled CRM somehow (by our mistake) wrongly added extra entries last week, falsely increasing the number of registrations.

🚀We have had 16 calls with podcasters so far (after the MVP launch). We have successfully started to send onboarding emails through ConvertKit in order to schedule more calls!

🚀We are continuing to write multiple content pieces which will ultimately feed into achieving MRR prior to shipping the product live.

🚀We've had 472 (+4 from last week) unique visits on our website in the last 30 days

🚀We have published 1 more article on our Blog (10 total).

🚀We have created the Skyscraper topics (2 of them), and are continuing to write them.

See you next week!

Have an absolutely amazing day,

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    Where did you find your content manager? I've been looking for similar profiles... Mainly on fiverr and upwork

    1. 1

      Hi Jesus, I think Upwork is a great place to start. The content manager we hired came through personal connections.

      I would also try Facebook Groups - usually there's quite a lot of qualified people in there!