October 22, 2019

MVP - Beta launch (Simple Accounting Software)

Mutinda Boniface @mutinda

Hey Indie hackers,

Boniface here.

Introducing Pesatime(www.pesatime.com) - "An insanely easy to use online Accounting Software" targeting small business owners who want to keep track of their business's financial records easily.

With pesatime, you are able to

  1. Record business Sales/Income categorizing each of them.
  2. Record all business Expenses organizing them in categories
  3. Easily get a snapshot of how your business is performing without having to get an accountant to craft reports for you.
  4. Generate Income statements and balance sheet for your business in less than a second.
  5. Our product is designed with UX in mind. Trust me Its just super simple to use.
  6. Product by business owners for other business owners.
  7. You can literally manage finances for anything. Be it a side hustle, an MVP or a fully established business

Why I created pesatime?
This was purely driven by my own needs to have a super simple online Accounting Software to manage my financial hell running several products.

This is my story.
I am an Entrepreneur (Software Engineer with a keen eye on UI/UX) but I prefer calling myself s "Product creator".
If you can relate to the life on an entrepreneur creating a series of MVP's. Sometimes you end up paying for a bunch of services(e.g. buying domains, server bills, trips to attend a startup pitch event etc) and if not careful end up spending on never ending bills for products that don't seem to be getting any traction.
Since you don't have the visibility of how much you are spending on these services for X products, it's hard to say you are done with the product and shutdown.

I have been in this situation for a long time, I have launched and shutdown several products but if you ask me today how much I spend on each of these products, I just cant keep track.

To get organised, I evaluated several Online Accounting Softwares and none of them seemed to solve my problem. Majority of them have an Invoice like kind of a model which doesn't apply to my case.
I also run a commission based music platform(A Spotify like for the African music) and I wanted to keep track of how much Iam getting in realtime from more than 3 streams of revenue.

With all these challenges, I opted to create an excel spreadsheet and populate it manually at the end of the day. I could have automated this but evaluating the time it would take me to do the job and given that my "financial records" excel keeps changing based on daily learnings, it wasn't worth it.

Instead, I decided to create a simple solution that is flexible enough to handle all these and after using it internally for like a month, i decided to package it as a SAAS product as "pesatime"

Interested to check it out? www.pesatime.com

We are still in beta and would really appreciate if we could get as many of you hunters/business owners/product creators to evaluate and give us feedback.

  1. 1

    That looks really nice. How does the accounting market look in Kenya? Are you focusing locally or internationally?

    1. 1

      There is quite some potential in Kenya. I have received some good feedback from the early users who signed up from Nairobi.

      I am not focussing locally per say but rather internationally.

      Since I am aware of most of the pain points of managing small businesses here in East Africa, I will be developing a-lot of "addons" that are able to feed in data to pesatime from lets say Mobile money(M-Pesa) because its huge here and alot of payments are actually through mobile money platforms.

      1. 1

        Good to hear that! If you want to expand into capturing receipts and invoices for expenses, I might be able to help you.

        1. 1

          Sure. Let's keep in touch.

          I actually checked out your product http://astor.ai and its a really an amazing product.

          Infact, I started moving around the house looking for receipts to test them out but I couldn't get any :D but looked at the developer documentation and everything is quite clear.

  2. 1

    This looks great! I love that it offers developer integration, which is huge plus in my opinion. Definitely something I need to keep my eye on. Good luck with the product :D

    1. 2

      Thanks alot @JasonMerrett for your feedback.

      I really appreciate.

      I will be winding up on the developer integration documentation by the end of this week then share so that anyone can can feed in data from whichever system they are running.

  3. 1

    Hey @bmutinda will love to give it a try.

    1. 1

      @uditgoenka thats good to hear from you. Thanks.

      Just head over to the app http://app.pesatime.com and create an account for free.

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