October 10, 2019

1k copied text/month and who are my users?

Yi-Ning Huang @yiningh

After launching PhotoCopyThis, I monitor the number of texts that are being copied for the past 30 days. The number is growing every week. Today it reaches 1k copied text per month. I can see this app is useful for people and continue to push updates, improving user experience and adding new features.

Lately, I realized I need more information about my users. I know people are using it, but I don't know why they are using it and how I can make it better for them. The Apple app analytics does not tell me too much about how users are using it. I decided to add Google Analytics to the app to gather more information and add a banner Ads to see whether I can get some revenue from the app. However, people tend to stay with older versions of the app. I won't be able to collect more information or serve Ads if they don't upgrade. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way to take down older versions. Most apps achieve it by implementing their own force upgrade solution. I did it too, but the force upgrade solution won't be there unless users upgrade. Now I just have to wait for people to catch up versions. Lesson learned. I should add all these tools on day one.

I am glad that at least I got feedback from my friend: A gift card re-seller finds the app very useful because she spends a lot of time copy gift card codes from physical gift cards to a spreadsheet. She shared that with her community, but some people have security concerns, which is completely valid. I later change the text recognition logic to on-device. Other than that, I don't know who are my users. It is a mystery, but I am confident that I can figure this out.

Today's Top Milestones
  • $15k/month
    It's been roughly 1 year since I've launched Pixel True and overall I'm happy with the progress of the business. Our revenue comes from a mixture of s
  • Deployed the landing page MVP
    We have been trying to get the product up and going in the last few weeks, which made us realize that we don't have anything to show others about our
  • New anti-procrastination guide out!
    We've just released a new guide (How to finally stop procrastinating) on overcoming procrastination! As a maker, founder, and indie hacker, I use the
  • First customer!
    We've got the first customer on our website! Earlier we've got sales on the test website and marketplaces. But today we have sold Tokyo Illustrations
  • Day 8 – Shipped landing page skeleton
    We took a break from building product to see if we could put together some copy and get it in front of potential customers. It's embarrassingly barebo
  • Published 1st iteration
    I learned how to do basic coding and went straight on. 5 nights without sleep and I was ready. I did that mostly to solve my problem which was having
  • Just Launched InoLetter
    Hello folks, Just launched our Brand new ghost theme. With InoLetter you can Create a Newsletter site in no time utilizing the power of Ghost Publishi
  • Public Beta! 🥳
    After a couple of busy months and sleepless nights, Screpto is finally here and ready for early adopters and beta testers and I couldn't be more excit
  • 👨‍💻 Added techy filters to ThreadOk
    A nice person on Twitter awared us of this lack of techy tags, he submitted threads about dev but didn't find the proper tags so he picked "💻 Gadgets
  • Alpha Launch (MVP Done)
    After 2-3 months of developing we finished the MVP and are ready to take on Alpha clients to work closely with. We also began the vetting process for