October 10, 2019

1k copied text/month and who are my users?

Yi-Ning Huang @yiningh

After launching PhotoCopyThis, I monitor the number of texts that are being copied for the past 30 days. The number is growing every week. Today it reaches 1k copied text per month. I can see this app is useful for people and continue to push updates, improving user experience and adding new features.

Lately, I realized I need more information about my users. I know people are using it, but I don't know why they are using it and how I can make it better for them. The Apple app analytics does not tell me too much about how users are using it. I decided to add Google Analytics to the app to gather more information and add a banner Ads to see whether I can get some revenue from the app. However, people tend to stay with older versions of the app. I won't be able to collect more information or serve Ads if they don't upgrade. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a way to take down older versions. Most apps achieve it by implementing their own force upgrade solution. I did it too, but the force upgrade solution won't be there unless users upgrade. Now I just have to wait for people to catch up versions. Lesson learned. I should add all these tools on day one.


I am glad that at least I got feedback from my friend: A gift card re-seller finds the app very useful because she spends a lot of time copy gift card codes from physical gift cards to a spreadsheet. She shared that with her community, but some people have security concerns, which is completely valid. I later change the text recognition logic to on-device. Other than that, I don't know who are my users. It is a mystery, but I am confident that I can figure this out.

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