September 10, 2019

I got a logo (and awesome branding)!

Mike Rogers @MikeRogers0

The UX was feeling really solid, I could click around on my mockup app & really feel the value the product could provide.

However, working on weekends was taking its toll. Between my main job & PigCi, I didn't have any free time. Plus when I looked at the app, while I liked the UX it was a very bland canvas. I needed some colour to bring it to life!

I enlisted to help of a freelancer designer friend of mine to help build out the logo, colour scheme & landing page. I just handed over my middleman app & let them at it, while I took a weekend away from the screen.

When I returned I loved what they had done! The product really communicated a clean experience, with a hint of playfulness & personality. I was so happy & energised, it was great!

I started planning how I'd implement it in Ruby on Rails!

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