October 24, 2020

Posted on Reddit & LTD Sold!

Victor @Akcium

I've been always afraid of posting to such resources as Reddit or Hacker News.

Because of this "imperfection syndrome", when you know that no everything works in your app, you have bugs and all that stuff.

But for some reason, I decided to post to subreddit, r/webdev.

At first, the post was automatically deleted, because I didn't have enough karma. Then I asked the moderator to approve it manually and he did.

Now the post is on the front page and I already got one life time deal sold!

So excited about it!


  1. 8

    Absolutely on board the imperfection syndrome waggon!!
    Nice work on breaking through that though and getting a sale!

    1. 1

      Yeah. When I posted on reddit even my sign up form didn't work properly.

      But I got so much feedback, so I'm not sad about the fact of the bug :)

  2. 3

    Imperfection syndrome evidently dreading me all the time and i bet many more IHers. Good job!

    1. 1

      It's like getting out of the comfort zone. IH is a friendly community, while Reddit is something unknown, foreign for me

  3. 2

    Great way to put it victor, I have also been plagued by this syndrome. Glad to hear I am not alone.

    1. 1

      A lot of people has this.

      Also I have a feeling that if I have a successful post then I'll reach everyone in the internet and if my site is bad I won't have another chance.

      But even if I got 4000 traffic, there are still millions of users :)

  4. 2

    Hey Victor, congratulations!

    I wonder why you hesitated to post to Reddit, having a PH Product of the Day?

    The features and the site look fantastic. It's always sad when devs and admins resent aesthetics and usability, thinking of themselves as "tough guys who don't need this glamour crap". Many of them would prefer to spend a few nights creating a homemade script-based solution rather than paying for something others did (aka NIH syndrome). I wonder if you would have even more success if you posted this to startup founders rather than webdevs.

    1. 1

      Hi there, thank you! :)

      Because I still have a lot of bugs and things to do. It turned out that my sign up page event didn't work properly (though users were able to sign up but they got an error message) when I posted on reddit =(

      I'm going to redo my pricing model, fix some stuff and then post in other reddits. For now I didn't get many users.

      It looks like I'm able to get some traffic but the conversion is low: so many things to do on landing page and the app itself

  5. 1

    I also do the same thing, avoid posting anything as I'm afraid that people will try the product and complain about the 1-2 issues/bugs that are still in there. Whenever I post, the posts are actually very well received and almost no one complains. But still, in that case, I still know the bugs are there and feel like I don't deserve the praise for the product.

  6. 1

    So refreshing to hear it took so long and others are saying they did it in few days and maybe a few weeks. I am rooting for you man!

    1. 2

      Yeah, I'm fighting for every user and every piece of traffic. I'm not able to do the overnight success, so I don't care: I do as much as I can do :) step by step

  7. 1

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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