6 month progress report

After doing a minimal launch in February, we've had a busy first 6 months, with a higher than expected quantity of clients engaging us to work on deck projects.

Some takeaways from this post-launch period:

• Google Ads has worked well for us, with a good level of conversions. We started with a fairly high budget (recommended by Google to match our competitors) yet have since reduced this to keep monthly costs more reasonable.

• We have revised our service offerings after seeing which services were more popular and had more success. I think that this is something we will need to constantly monitor in order to make sure our services match our clients' needs.

• We have also revised our website a few times to try to optimize conversions. The latest update was carried out this week, so we're still waiting to see if it has any impact, but the other updates both seemed to improve conversions.

• Getting paid is complicated! We reached the point where we were able to start paying the founders for their work yet have spent some time trying to figure out the logistics of founders in different countries. We've recently been speaking with a CPA so hopefully we'll be able to resolve it soon!

The next 6 months will be crucial to see how the business grows after the initial success, as well as to try to establish a regular stream of clients. I'm excited to keep working on it!

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