October 23, 2020

Hit $6K MRR and got featured in TechCrunch

Marko Saric @markosaric

Plausible Analytics just hit $6,050 MRR from 974 paying subscribers! Thank you all for your trust and support!


We also got a nice surprise: a mention in TechCrunch as "the fastest-growing open-source startup". This will hopefully bring more new trial signups and more subscribers.

Here's a feature update and a lesson learned:

You can now filter the dashboard by any metric you click on

We just released a brand new feature: you can now go granular. Drill down into mobile users, Chrome browser users or visitors from France and analyze your stats that way.

You can now filter your Plausible Analytics dashboard based on whatever metric you click on. You can mix and match filters too.

  • Country
  • Browser
  • OS
  • Device
  • Referral source
  • Page visited

Drill down in our live demo.

Have a clear and informative about page

If there's something I've learned from the TechCrunch experience and the subsequent mentions on several other websites is that you should have a clear and informative about page with all the important facts and details you'd like journalists to know.

TechCrunch never reached out to us and neither did the other sites that covered us but they all wrote accurate information about us and facts that we would have wanted them to share.

This is because they all seem to have checked our about page which features facts about the project, who we are, what we work on, what we believe in and other things that are important to us. There were no mistakes in their coverage and no need to ask us questions. It's a win win!

  1. 2

    Just signed up for my personal blog. Pricepoint is spot on for me and it means I don't need to have that stupid cookie consent !

    1. 1

      great to hear Eamon! Enjoy Plausible!

  2. 2

    Yes, the extra exposure from TechCrunch won't hurt. So, did you update the about us page?))

    1. 1

      Thanks Alex! Probably want to put this tag line on our home page! :)

      1. 2

        You won't believe how lucky you are. I've been trying to get a mention by TechCrunch for over 10 years. No luck. No hope. Cherish the moment. Enjoy!

        1. 1

          yeah it came out of the blue but of course very happy with the mention!

  3. 2

    Congrats! I've just discovered you guys recently but I've heard great things. Keep up the solid work.

    1. 1

      happy to hear that Antonio, thanks!

    1. 1

      thanks! we've been in there replying with the facts of how the service works.

  4. 2

    Congrats on the consistent growth!

    Just a note, at the top of your LP you have a "Get started" CTA.

    As a SaaS consultant, I know most users don't even make it half way down the LP so, I'd suggest split-testing a "Try for free" OR "Start free trial" CTA to see how it converts.

    Also, you could add the KSP's below such as "No credit card needed" OR "Try for X days for free".

    Obvisouly, I'm sure you have the data on which CTA is clicked most but, if it is the top one, I'd recommended trying a different CTA.

    1. 1

      thanks Rhys! we haven't really done too much optimization around the different CTAs. we'll take a look at them at some point.

  5. 2

    Congrats! You guys just keep winning! Must be a great feeling between you and the other founder right now.

    1. 1

      Thanks Alex! Definitely was a great surprise! Let's see if we can keep up this momentum!

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