November 20, 2019

Plausible has 50 paying customers!

Uku Taht @ukutaht

Today Plausible hit two milestones that I’ve been looking forward to. I now have 50 paying customers in total with a combined MRR of $301.

The last update I gave was when I hit 25 paying customers in August. Since then I’ve been working to build passive traffic to Plausible so I don’t have to constantly hustle for eyeballs. My efforts are working: the biggest source of traffic in Novembers was organic search from Google. Plausible is now the number 1- 2 result when searching for ’Simple web analytics’.

SEO is actually simple in principle but really hard to execute. It’s all about building quality links to your domain. But how do you get links? I spent days writing a thorough article that was good enough to be featured on Hackernoon. I also took an interview with SourceSort, they reached out when I open-sourced Plausible.

Once you put in enough leg-work, you start getting links organically. Plausible was featured on TutsPlus and a very cool article comparing top 3 privacy-focused web analytics tools. I didn’t do anything to get these high-quality links.

A friend of mine, Makis, also helped set up an amazing source of passive traffic. Plausible is now listed in the Ghost integrations page under the analytics category. In total, this link has driven 174 highly qualified visitors to the landing page. Plus, I’m sure the link from to is a boost to our SEO.

Check out our open analytics:

I’ll continue opportunistically building links to Plausible to rank better in Google. There’s a really high-traffic search term that I would like to rank on the first page on: ‘Google Analytics alternatives’. This will be difficult as the keyword is super competitive, dominated by sites with very strong domain authority. Realistically I think I’ll have to start with more specific keywords in that space, e.g. ‘open source google analytics alternative’.

Got any tips for SEO? Share them below.

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