Sharing Your Podcast Easily: 1-Click Plink Links

Plink was written about, explained, and shouted-out by Beetle Moment Marketing, an Alexa and voice first marketing studio by Emily Binder.

"Plink is offering something similar to universal music sharing link service Songwhip, but for podcasts.

Podcast hosts have to tweet out multiple links to cover the bases of all the major podcast apps. If you tweet out an Apple Podcasts link, you could miss your whole Android audience. It’s cumbersome for all involved.

Bottom line: Plink links make marketing podcasts easier. Hosts and producers can promote a show with one, smart link."

Check out the blog post: https://beetlemoment.com/voicefirst-today/2019/8/9/sharing-your-podcast-universal-smart-link-opens-native-player

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