December 31, 2019

Featured in Apple Retail Stores over the Holidays!

Nick @nickdaniels

Back in September we received an email from Apple asking if we were interested in submitting a retail demo of the app for use in Apple Retail and Partner stores. We obviously jumped at the opportunity but things went quiet and we started to lose hope that it would actually happen...until a friend texted last week to say they'd seen the app in a UK Apple Retail store!

We've now had reports it's been spotted in stores in the UK, US, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and parts of Europe!

It's still too early to see what the full impact will be on downloads but there's definitely been an uptick and it's an incredible piece of "social proof" we can now use. I also posted it on Reddit over the weekend which brought in a big uptick in sales as well as lots of valuable feedback.

We still can't really believe it's happened but it's definitely given us a real high to end the year on as part of the indie hacker roller coaster :)

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