January 18, 2021

Got my first paying customer!

Noah Bragg @noahwbragg

Yep! My first one! Always a great feeling to get your first customer paying. I am still in early access but I have 7 people trying out the product and checking it out.

My first customer was really helpful and gave a lot of feedback so I'm really happy to see them paying.

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    Hi Noah! I just saw your waitlist form and would like to give you advice (even though you didn't ask for it 😁)
    The first question "Do you think you would buy Potion?" is useless, because people often tend to lie about purchasing something. So, what I'm saying, 'yes' answers in this situation can mislead to the point you'd think the product is validated.

    If you want to learn how to ask the right questions I suggest you read The Mom Test or you can check my post where I wrote the most useful things from this book

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      Thanks for the advice. I actually have read the mom test already. I see what you are saying but I also don't have the time in a survey to ask all the questions needed to validate the idea.

      I'm actually not using this form to validate the idea at all. I more so am just trying to find a user that fits my needs for early access. The quickest and easiest way I can think of getting a decent idea if someone is willing to pay is asking them. I'm taking it with a grain of salt but at least I can put them through to the next part of the funnel and see if they are willing to start using the product in early access.

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    Nice product Noah! Are there any takeaways you have from doing an early access program vs just launching the product? I’m debating whether I should do early access as well 🤔

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      Pros and cons of each like everything. But here are some of the benefits I have found of doing Early Access:

      • I can control the users that are coming in. I can make sure that a users use case I have covered before they start using the product.
      • Lets me start getting feedback earlier. I can launch earlier because I don't have to have every single feature needed for a general launch. I can do this when tying in with the last benefit.
      • You can create some recurring buzz around early access by only allowing so many people at a time. They feel like they have to jump on it fast so it pushes the demand up.
      • You can use invite codes to let people into early access. I'm thinking of staying in early access and giving current users codes to send out. It gives them a reason to share your product and they feel like they are helping someone else by doing it. We have seen Clubhouse do this and it works super well.

      Of course these points may not make sense for every product but that is how I have thought of it. One of the main downfalls of early access is that some people will see that and immediately not be interested because they want a "complete" product that isn't still in an early stage. Some markets may be better for this than others.

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        I appreciate the feedback, I think we're going to go with early access as well! You make a good point and it gives us the ability to "launch" another time

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    Congratulations! What do you use for the waiting list functionality?

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      So It's actually just a link to a google form. I collect the users after asking some questions. I then export the google form to a Notion database where I can keep track of the users and what their status is (If I have reached out to them or not. Or if they are starting a trial).

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