March 26, 2020

$260 income from my MaaS

Martin Capodici @mcapodici

Sometimes the MVP is nothing at all! I just signed up for mentoring sites offering hourly rates and found gigs. Kept applying for everything I can do and sending messages that are friendly and show my skills.

I also knocked up a landing page with a form using Netlify and home made CSS/HTML as I have a thing now for not using frameworks or site generators (will explain or argue with people about that later). Anyway got a lead from this just posting around on Reddit.

Next step is to autopost to Reddit at a frequency allowed by the subs to bring a trickle of business in that I need for a side gig.

Longer term plan is to work harder on the better clients and get more work from them, and also to discover problems that I can solve in a more SaaSy way rather than MaaS (Me As A Service).

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