September 18, 2020

Same names. New look.

Stephen Shaw @sxsio

Product Names looks different!? For those following the project, I recently updated the color scheme and logo. I wanted more simplicity in the design and black & white felt right. For the logo, sleeker and more logical was the goal and believe a sticker/label hits the mark. Hope you like the new look and feel free to share your thoughts! If you’re new to the project you can check it out here 👉

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    You know what?, i like your idea. What i don't like is that i can't get any of those nice names because someone else just took it before me :( Maybe you should create a small paid community or a newsletter and send exclusive names for subscribers/participants.

    1. 1

      Thanks Marlon! Yeah, I know they can get snapped up quick. Funny you should mention a newsletter, was considering it as well for that very issue. Paid option would of course be great, but planning to keep the usernames free forever to avoid any Twitter issues. But I've got some ideas in addition to usernames for down the line.

  2. 2

    Stephen, simple is always better! Great choice. I’m a logo/brand designer and I noticed few things about your icon. Black line seems thicker in the corners? Also, white line/negative space is too thin. I’m looking at your logo on mobile in this post and you can’t even see it. That means it should be thicker. Why use something that isn’t vsiable in all logo sizes? Hope this helps.

    1. 2

      🙏 Thanks! I’m new to design, this feedback helps a ton! Didn’t even catch the corners thing until you mentioned it and see what you mean about the white line. I’ll work on getting it all updated! Also, took a look at your work on Instagram, AMAZING!

      1. 1

        No problem! Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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