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50 status pages created in the first week!

A week after the Product Hunt launch (and of the website going live), I've had 1.1k visitors, 50 status pages created, and 4 trial signups at $5 a month, so it's going well so far, though of course trials are not actual subscribers till they confirm.

Status Page - https://projectpage.app/products/status-page

If anyone here wants a status page, I'm offering them free of charge for a few months to trial users from Indie Hackers as I'd like to get people using the product, so get in touch if you'd like to try it out.

After the launch I had to build out the user dashboard and permissions for paying users in a hurry, as I didn't have that ready and people were asking for more services, so I've now done that and am going to contact the users who asked for it this week.

I've also put in a load balancer and a couple of instances to try to get my own uptime up, as it's down to 99% at present due to all the changes. So a few little tech changes this week.

I'm now getting ready to enter the trough of sorrow :) So I need to start talking to the customers more this week and then improving the service and building out the other products to generate a little bit of buzz.

I'm thinking of building a bunch of smaller products offered on a freemium model to devs, as I think the central product (a better issues list) is going to be a hard sell to devs hooked on github and all the associated services. I've got one customer using the issues list but haven't opened that up yet to other users.

Next up is a public roadmap for projects, which ties in with the issues list and I hope to tie into github so that I can start using other people's marketplaces/networks to try to pull in users.

The home page is pretty terrible at the moment, I need to fix the video and styling to present the app better, and make it clearer not all products are available yet, but I've forced myself to launch and try to get customers, as think that.

I've decided to build in the open inspired by this (question)[https://www.indiehackers.com/post/ae7b8c9109] from @qabil and the @stephsmith response. I also signed up for the Sales For Founders course from @louisswiss as I have no idea what I'm doing on sales!

If anyone has any criticisms or encouragement please let me know in the comments below.

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