November 21, 2019

2 years later, 18K websites use ProveSource

Yosi Dahan @yosidahan

What does it take to succeed?

We left our job on June 2015 to start our own company. 2 friends, no money, no funding, no ideas, at age 22.

We worked hard for 3 years, we launched 2 startups, both FAILED. No one believed we could ever become profitable. 2 people, no funding, no employees.

But, we did it. Almost 2 years later, 18,000 websites use ProveSource, the fastest growing social proof platform. From nothing to something, from $0 to profit in less than 2 years, only 2 people.

Les Brown used to say "It's not over, until I win". Believe in yourself, never give up.

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    How has Craigslist listing been so far? Any serious buyer? 😂

    1. 1

      Well, actually 2 :-)

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    Good job!

    Title reads like you guys created 18k websites, lol :)

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      haha silly me! fixed!