October 25, 2019

Featured on StarterStory

Dan Uyemura @danuyemura

To be honest, we are passionate product people and we don't spend enough time in the community telling our story.

Recently we've come across the concept of "50 coffee meetings in 50 days" and we decided to expand this to "just get your butts out there and meet people, tell your story and listen to theirs".

From this decision, we've done crazy things like... reaching out to people and companies to talk about PushPress. As a result, we've gotten published here on Indiehackers and now, at StarterStory (https://www.starterstory.com/software-for-fitness-centers)

Crazy concept, we know - go out and talk to people... set forth and listen to people... =)

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    Thanks Dan it was a really amazing interview and super impressed with what you guys have built and how you did it!

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    Well, you know, talking and people. 😲