September 10, 2019

Defined the concept

Doru Mardari @dorumd

As an inspiration, we took the old concept of a library which has been out there for thousands of years.

Since then, the world has evolved a lot and our lives became much more complex. It is important to make the process of getting your hands on a book as simple as possible. That is why we deliver the books straight to your home or office.

Once you’ve got the book, you have up to one month to read it. We do understand that your life is busy and we do not want to contribute to that in any way. That is why we decided to set a target of one book per month for every member of our reading hub. Most people can finish reading 20 pages within 30 minutes. It means that dedicating 15 minutes of your time per day is enough to finish a book per month.

To build up a community where people can meet other brilliant minds and share ideas, we will host regular meetings with our reading hub members.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Got featured by Apple in 112 countries
    It's been a while since I shared a milestone on IH but it hast been quite a journey! The last time I posted was for our first 13 paid users and 1500 d
  • MVP
    As a freelancer on Upwork, I've always missed an easy way to receive notifications when relevant jobs are posted. After a little research on community
  • Finished first draft and sold $...
    I've finished the first draft of Start With A Side-Project, a serious milestone 🏅 for a first-time author. The next ph
  • I finally have my new E-Residency kit from Estonia
    After a long time I decided to setup my startup in Estonia for several reasons, which I will explain later. With the e-Residency card now in place and
  • GitHub down again? Why not try a Hosted Gitea box?
    Sooooooooooo it seems like GitHub is down every other day lately. If **only** there was a service that allowed you to run **your own private Gitea ser
  • 5 Consecutive Issues.
    So last week Friday marked the day where I had sent out 5 consecutive issues of The Slice, and its been great to see such awesome growth over the last
  • First 6 podcasts added to the platform!
    Last week I quietly finished creating the initial version of PodAdverts and reached out to a few podcasters with smaller audiences to see if they woul
  • Submitted App update to IOS/Android stores
    After previously being rejected by apple on my last submission with the following rejection message. Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality
  • Launched a website
    This is the day 1. I had an idea today and spent ~6 hours building a PoC and the website. While building PoC, I figured my app could work 100% in brow
  • The iOS and Android apps are available in Stores
    After months of hard work, I'm stoked to launch Mindwave for iOS and Android today. Journaling is the