December 27, 2019

Early positive feedback.

Jake Prins @jakeprins

Sometimes, all you need to stay motivated is some positive feedback.

After launching React Milkshake, I got 3 customers who bought the boilerplate, which was an amazing feeling! But, this was in the first 2 days, and since then it was radio silence.

Well, not really silence, because this week I got an email from one of my first customers saying that he got some errors and couldn't even run the project! Even though it was late at night, and I was ready to go to sleep, I knew I couldn't let this rest until tomorrow. So I jumped behind my laptop and started coding. Instead of just fixing the bug, I also added some extra's and then finally emailed the guy back and send him a fresh boilerplate that he could use.

The next day I got an email back: "This is incredible. Thank you so much for the quick reply! A very nice starter kit well worth the money for the scripts alone if I must say."

I'm glad he was happy but also motivated by the fact that he found the boilerplate well worth the money. This was exactly what I needed to hear so I could keep working on improving the boilerplate even more and try to get more customers.

Sometimes all you need is some positive feedback. A great reminder to give people, and their work, some compliments from time to time.